Laid-back luxury travel on a full stomach

It all began with a (not so) simple Sandwich

I love a good holiday and as it turns out, I’m also partial to a great sandwich!

If you’ve ever been to Vietnam there is a high chance you’ve tried the famous Banh Mi. Quite simply, it’s a baguette packed with pickled veg and juicy meat deliciousness. On returning home I went in search of one locally. I mean, it’s just a sandwich, someone must be making them nearby…

But you’ve guessed it, I couldn’t even find a poor imitation of one.

So, I’ve challenged myself to recreate the Banh Mi and some of my other favourite flavours from my travels, so I can Taste the Adventure again! The blog has stories from my travels and my (hopefully edible) replication attempts.


Read all about it!

As you can probably tell, the blog is pretty new. I’ll be adding more from both favourite past trips as well as new adventures (which are always in the planning!).